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Market news & quotes

Free real time stock market news, updates, Events, Economic Calendar, IPO Calendar, Earnings Calendar and Dividend Calendar, etc. Free real time stock quotes.

Fundamental & Technial Analysis

Up to 30 years of financial data, mostly visualized; 6000+ institutional portfolios and trending; insider transaction monitoring; candlestick chart pattern detection, and much more!

Real time Stock Alerts

Receive real time stock alerts on price change, unusual volume surge, volume accumulation, insider trades, institutional transactions, institutional portfolio update and candlestick reversal chart pattern formation, etc.

fundamental analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Conduct thorough stock fundamental analysis anywhere, anytime. Full access to FinTurtle Stock Ratings and up to 30 years of financial data, including 10-Q, 10-K and earnings call transcripts etc. Build your own DCF valuation model to calculate the intrinsic value of a company/stock, and compare stocks valuations with a button click. Use EPS growth, high revenue growth, Buffet, Peter-lynch, Can-Slim stock screeners to find stocks with good fundamental, high earning per share growth, high gross and profit margin, low P/E etc.

"The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but value of nothing."

  • - Phillip Fisher

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

  • - Warren Buffet

Technical Analysis

Real time in-app candlestick stock charts, Market RSI trend, MACD cross above or below, SMA Bullish or Bearish Divergence Level, Golden/Death Crosses, Insider Transaction Trend and many other technical signals. Automatically detect unusual stock volume surge, accumulation and distribution. Automatically detect MACD crosses, RSI Oversold, SMA bullish or bearish trend divergence with levels, candlestick reversal chart patterns etc. Receive real time stock alerts on various technical signals.

"Entry and Exit points of stock and following trend are vital parts of trading and investing. Buy stock at right time with right price!"

technical analysis
institution portfolio

Institutional Portfolio

Access to the investment portfolios of 6000+ financial institutions and hedge funds. Analyze smart money asset allocation and investment trends. Identify hot bets of stocks and ETFs by top hedge funds. Access to near real time institutional investment transactions and updates that are filed with SEC 13D/G.

"The easy way to find awesome investment ideas from the greatest investors"

Comprehensive Investment Ideas

FinTurtle makes it easy for you to discover your next winning stock!

stock research

Insider Transactions

Know what insiders are doing. Find stocks with the most recent insider transactions. Receive push notifications.

Candlestick Chart Pattern

Automatically detect candlestick reversal chart patterns, MACD cross above/below and moving average divergence with levels. Never miss the signals of important trend turning points.

Unusual Trade Volume

Discover stocks with unusual volume spikes, volume accumulation or volume distribution. Act before big price movements.

Institutional Hot Picks

Find the hottest stocks and ETFs hedge funds and institutional investors are buying. Bet on what the smart money bets.

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